Privacy policy for CNTRL

We gather quite a bit of information about people, which is stored, and accessible, via our front-end. However, there are certain key policies in place to prevent data-theft, unauthorized access, and cross-contamination.

On this page we will try to inform you what information we store, how we use it, and how we keep it secure. Both from external attempts of hacking into the information, and to make sure that only the persons that needs to know specific informtion have access to it.

Personal information required for every registered employee in the database

Let's go through each listing, and explain a bit why we need the information.

Full name:
This is of course needed for identification purposes
This is used, in conjunction with the other provided information, to create a unique ID for the user, and provide statistics, like how old the workforce is, when the employee is able to do certain things, etc.
Personal Identification Number (optional):
This is optional (the administrator can choose to disable this in the settings, it's on by default) - if provided, it is strictly limited to the HR-department / administrators, and are only used to provide the tax-office with proper identification of every employee.
Street address, post area and post number, phone and email:
These are all needed to be able to contact the employee, either via snail-mail, phone or email. These are mandatory to provide the administrators of the software adequate opportunity to get a hold of everyone in the workforce.
Gender (optional):
This is purely for statistical purposes, and therefore optional. It is enabled by default, but can be turned off in settings.
Nationality (optional):
This is used to enable translations of the interface. It's optional, if turned off, the software will default to English. If enabled, the software supports any language present in the translations-folder, if not found, it will default to English.
Image (optional):
An image of the employee. This can be used for several different things - small thumbnails in the internal listings, employee-badges, etc.

How we handle this information

The information stored in the database is secured in several different ways. The important information, like the PIN, is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and unless you have the key, you will not be able to see the content in any meaningful way.

The access to the information is controlled by the user-rights the different groups registered have. Unless the personal registration (allows anyone to register a new user, who then needs to be enabled by an admin) is open, only admins can add new users. These users won't usually have access to anything, not even their own account, and the information is therefore controlled by the admin. The admin is usually management, like the HR-department, your boss, or something akin those lines.

The software is built to strict security-standards, and is using best practices when it comes to accessing the database, or retrieving, updating or deleting any content. There are backups performed every day, so even if there should be a failure, it won't have too devastating consequences.

No sensitive information will be sent out via email, only updates to shiftlists, specific event-notifications and other non-secure information will be sent out.